Competition Not Conflict

Competition not Conflict is an initiative to reduce destructive conflict in sport and to promote the positive values of competition.

As a NICR partner, this program strives to:
  • Educate undergraduate and graduate students on the topic of conflict in sports and provide students with opportunities to use athletics as a socially useful alternative to conflict.

  • Develop trainings, classes and other opportunities intended to enhance intercollegiate student-athletes’ academic and athletic excellence, as well as enhance their personal development and community involvement.

  • Provide support for and engage in academic research focused on sports and conflict in both domestic and international capacities.

  • Provide trainings and leadership camps for community organizations and athletic groups to explore the role of conflict in sport and provide skill-building exercises to empower participants to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts.
For more information or to get involved, contact Program Director Tori Klein at (541) 346.1643 or visit the Competition not Conflict Web site.